Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Notes From Set: John Masters Organics

Notes From Set/Product Review:
Project: Feature Film/ASTHMA written/directed by Jake Hoffman

Cast: Krysten Ritter, Benedict Samuel, Rosanna Arquette 

Featuring: John Master Organics

Working on a feature film is always exciting; creating the look/style of the characters with the director, actor and costumer is only the beginning and can be really fun. The main character we see in every scene, yet don't often reference is the SKIN. There's an eventual high demand on the skin's performance. Every day applying makeups, working long hours, more makeup/touch-ups, climate, air quality, diet,  lack of sleep/proper rest and maybe an emotional scene, all challenge the skin's ability to really be at its best. 

There are many factors going into the look of a character, and since we had the talented Krysten Ritter with her gorgeous, flawless(!) porcelain-like skin, I knew straight away I wanted to use John Masters Organics. For my own values: I admire the respect given to the users of the earth and the earth itself, by their commitment to using wild-crafted plant-based ingredients; utilising natural cold-pressing and other artisanal methods to extract and preserve the vital elements of each plant. And from the perspective of a professional Makeup Artist, JMO products consistently deliver on the quality of ingredients and effectiveness on the skin and hair.

To be Krysten's character in the story, whose arms and legs were covered in specially designed tattoos, required we put her through a skin cleaning regimen which is no good even for one day, let alone the numerous days we had to get her camera-ready. Her legs and arms needed to be free of natural oils, soap, perfume, moisturiser, et. al., before placing each tattoo. This meant, every day we used 99% alcohol to cleanse her delicate skin (only the areas to be covered with a tattoo) in order that the tattoos could perform their best for the day. This left her skin super parched, needless to say, and with the cold weather and dry heat her skin needed the love from JMO. She loved the cacao & cupuacu hand/body lotion:
The consistency coming out of the tube is a bit dense yet quite easily melts into the skin leaving it supple without slip or gloss --just a pretty sheen. 

Our male star, Aussie favorite Benedict Samuel didn't have it so difficult makeup-wise however, the climate, temperature, emotional scenes and long hours would take a toll on his skin (and everyone's) so he really enjoyed the benefits of JMO 2 in 1 men's line eucalyptus & agave face wash + shave foam, also the moisturiser + aftershave

Beginning of the day I used only mandarin maximum moisture on his skin (his look required no makeup!). Again, as a makeup artist I love this product as it leaves no excessive shine to the skin --only a beautiful backdrop to healthy skin.
I have used a drop of this with my favorite foundation to give myself and my actors a glowing-sheer-coverage. It works in real life and on reel life! The camera loves the skin in mandarin maximum moisture: http://johnmasters.com/products/skin-care/mandarin-maximum-moisture.html
During the day under the sun, he liked the JMO spf 30 natural mineral sunscreen --this also helped maintain continuity (can't be pale in one scene and tan in the next!): http://johnmasters.com/products/skin-care/spf-30-natural-mineral-sunscreen.html

Hair styling was also minimal on this project however, in order to keep Benedict's character's hair looking the same throughout the film, I relied on JMO 
What I loved about this, the scent first is what we notice and it's delicious and very mild (which men especially appreciate!), combined with the lightness in texture --a little goes a long way here, it adds a subtle sheen to the hair while giving it an effortless hold with move ability. There's just enough moisture in this clear-cream to give his natural curls a boost, allowing definition without weight or too much separation. The look is very natural. That being said, I've used it in other men's hair grooming as a nice finish for a pompadour or by using a bit more product, for that sexy shiny Mad Men look. (So happy men's hair is returning to being STYLED --More Please!)

On myself, for many months now, I use JMO rose foaming face wash (I just adore the idea that Roses are meant to attract Love and who doesn't want more of both in their lives!): 
Why it's my go-to is because it's easy on my skin, leaving it clean, smooth and soft --results I feel after I pat-damp-dry my skin. Then I like the mandarin maximum moisture --really because I'm 44 and want to keep as much moisture and plumpness to my ski n as possible! This does the trick in the cool dry winters (I'm in LA, winters are Cool, not Cold!). During the warmer months I use JMO rose & apricot antioxidant day creme: 
and often in the Summer weather, I just spritz JMO rose & aloe hydrating toning mist (I have oiler skin and like the natural shine I have so this can take the place of a topical moisturiser which can end up being too much moisture for the skin and can appear very glassy): 

It was a pleasure to use John Masters Organics on the set of our feature film. They generously donated the products listed here and a few more --including their hair care line of shampoos and conditioners: LOVE Them! Please visit their website: http://johnmasters.com/index.html
and treat yourself to something scrumptious. Not only is it literally feeding your skin the best natural foods, the quality active ingredients actually treat your skin!
Enjoy.. .

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