Wednesday, July 9, 2008

summer skin: oil control & exfoliate

keep excess oil under control by adding a drop of highest quality
100% pure TEA TREE OIL to your daily toner. this fresh-smelling
essential oil maintains skin’s balance by being an
astringent & antibacterial which keep oil dirt & the elements at bay.

exfoliate and polish your summer skin with RICE BRAN POWDER.
this passed-on Japanese treatment is known to be a gentle exfoliant.
while it moisturises, it also heals blemishes quickly by absorbing excess
oil & dirt as it maintains the natural oils in the skin.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

smokey eyes

day time smokey eyes are always approachable when kept light and sweet shimmery. opt for richer shades for evening and special occasions followed by a gloss or sheer color in the same tone as your own lip -the attention stays on you not your makeup! to make your smokey eyes POP, line INSIDE along top eyelashes with a super-thin liner. if your eyes are GREEN, opt for a PURPLE or PLUM liner and watch your eyes LIGHT UP like an EMERALD!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Give Yourself A Rosey Glow!

give yourself a ROSEY GLOW while exfoliating your skin with a STRAWBERRY YOGURT FACIAL MASK.
strawberries, containing the highest amount of VITAMIN C combined with VITAMIN B -rich yogurt
make this a MAGICAL MASK: it brightens, tightens & promotes production of collagen protien.
the BEST PART is the ingredients are right in your kitchen!

mash 4 strwaberries into a bowl
stir in 1 teaspoon yogurt
apply the mixture to face for 15 minutes
rinse clean with cool water