Wednesday, June 3, 2015

skin care review: From The Lab

AM/PM Cleanser No.586
Face Scrub No.597 
Face Mask No.598                      

My skin care routine for the past year has varied only slightly, centering on three simple products for cleaning and clearing. From The Lab's AM/PM Cleanser No.586 is so light, fragrant and gentle on my skin. The ingredients are a mix of plant extracts and natural humectants. My makeup application is minimal on a daily basis so at the end of the day just a few squirts of AM/PM on a cotton pad, swiped across my face is enough to clear away the day. My skin is left feeling soft and supple and not at all tight. 

When I first opened the bottle of Face Scrub No.597, the scent had my attention. It's so fresh and clean! The product is super creamy with tiny round balls to ever-so gently exfoliate my skin. Initially, I used it two to three times a week, but I felt it eventually became so effective that once a week was enough. The result is baby-soft skin for days.

The mask. I couldn’t look better without Face Mask No.598. Rather than "pulling things to the surface" (as some masks are designed to do), after Face Mask No. 598 my skin is slightly firmer, smooth and clear. There's a glow on my skin which lasts a 2-3 days…I can see it, others notice and comment. I use the mask at least once a month but there have been a few times where I was just so tired from working long hours on set that I just needed a BOOST. Since I don't wear a lot of makeup (a bit of brightening concealer under eye/across cheeks, bronzer or cream cheek color and eye-brow enhancer), I rely on my favorite skin care products to show off my healthy skin and life style.

My skin care routine, in addition to eating a fairly healthy diet --mostly veges, fruits, eggs, legumes, sparkling mineral water, occasionally red meat, with a bit of exercise (water fitness, walking) results in feeling good from the inside out. I very carefully read labels, choose food items which are grown locally in season, eat from animals which have been humanely raised, so it's just as important what ingredients go into my skin care --after all, we are digesting 70% of what we put on our skin (our largest ORGAN).

There's not just one effort or product responsible for feeling/looking healthy; I've found what works for me most of the time. As the seasons change or my schedule ramps up or cools down, I will change out certain foods or skin care products. For this past year, this is my skin care base. I'm truly happy with the products at From The Lab.

What I Like Most:
+Bevy of plant-based, botanical ingredients -willow bark, grape extract, mugwort
   Tomato essence stem cells
   Sea algae
   Salicylic acid