Thursday, August 2, 2018

Love this clean fresh Daytime Smokey Eye look? Here's how to do it -
SKIN: 1) Start with well-hydrated skin from inside + out. I’m up to 72oz water daily + I use @skyniceland Cloud Cream moisturizer.
2) Skip the foundation. Go for a liquid bronzer I love the sheerness of @drhauschkausa
to add warmth to complexion (put it where sun naturally hits + BLEND). Add concealer if you like —my personal style is to show off my great skin not cover it up.

EYES: The trademark to a Smokey Eye is eyeliner in waterline (bottom and/or top). Try a deep plum from @chantecaille. Smudge any color eyeshadow —here for daytime I use a light platinum shimmer with a plum base by @lancomeparis. Deep enough for definition (plum color pops blue green brown eyes) yet shimmer reflects + keeps light. Use same on lid blending from lashes + into eyeliner for more dense color emanating from lashes (makes ‘em look thicker). Add a stroke of brown or brown-black mascara *I rarely use mascara; my lashes are dyed.

CHEEKS: Pop a pastel peachy-pink cheek cream like @kevynaucoinbeautyfrom the top of apples blended back + out.

LIPS: Keep lips light —it’s Daytime + your skin looks amazing today! Here I use a color with undertones that mimic my natural lip (also seen in my cheeks). @maccosmetics —I confess it’s my fav lip brand!

Festive Lip Color

Autumn Has Arrived! I’m always looking for a reason to wear BERRY LIPS and ’tis the Season­čî║
Love the Jewel-Toned Berry Hue in this light-weight Matte Formula from @tarte Tartiest Lip Paint in RASPBERRY The key to a flawless matte finish is Smooth Lips.
BEAUTY TIP: Make your own lip scrub with coconut sugar or brown sugar (think chocolate chip cookies) your favorite oil (almond, olive) and a cute little jar with a tight lid. Mix ingredients and store in jar. Use your finger to gently rub scrub over your lips. Rinse or lick!
LIP TIP: For more lip color staying power, pat the first layer of color into lips with finger then apply full strength using the wand or your favorite method.
VIOLA! Holiday Look At it’s Prettiest

Bitter Orange 2013 Short Film

Bitter Orange 2013. A lovely throwback short film I did with the spectacular Brie Larson as a 1920s Stylish secretary turned Gangster. Written/Directed by Hope Larson with James Urbaniak + Brendan Hines
•To make her eyes appear more rounded I lined them heavier on the lower outer corners and buffed-out towards inner eye •Rounding out eyebrows from the top gave them a thinner more defined shape —staying true to the period
•Cheeks were covered in red rouge atop the apples
•Lips lined + drenched in red in the shape of a heart, Clara Bow style
•On her Face: Too Faced foundation Nars eyeshadow Chantecaille lipcolor (as cheek + lip)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

skin care review: From The Lab

AM/PM Cleanser No.586
Face Scrub No.597 
Face Mask No.598                      

My skin care routine for the past year has varied only slightly, centering on three simple products for cleaning and clearing. From The Lab's AM/PM Cleanser No.586 is so light, fragrant and gentle on my skin. The ingredients are a mix of plant extracts and natural humectants. My makeup application is minimal on a daily basis so at the end of the day just a few squirts of AM/PM on a cotton pad, swiped across my face is enough to clear away the day. My skin is left feeling soft and supple and not at all tight. 

When I first opened the bottle of Face Scrub No.597, the scent had my attention. It's so fresh and clean! The product is super creamy with tiny round balls to ever-so gently exfoliate my skin. Initially, I used it two to three times a week, but I felt it eventually became so effective that once a week was enough. The result is baby-soft skin for days.

The mask. I couldn’t look better without Face Mask No.598. Rather than "pulling things to the surface" (as some masks are designed to do), after Face Mask No. 598 my skin is slightly firmer, smooth and clear. There's a glow on my skin which lasts a 2-3 days…I can see it, others notice and comment. I use the mask at least once a month but there have been a few times where I was just so tired from working long hours on set that I just needed a BOOST. Since I don't wear a lot of makeup (a bit of brightening concealer under eye/across cheeks, bronzer or cream cheek color and eye-brow enhancer), I rely on my favorite skin care products to show off my healthy skin and life style.

My skin care routine, in addition to eating a fairly healthy diet --mostly veges, fruits, eggs, legumes, sparkling mineral water, occasionally red meat, with a bit of exercise (water fitness, walking) results in feeling good from the inside out. I very carefully read labels, choose food items which are grown locally in season, eat from animals which have been humanely raised, so it's just as important what ingredients go into my skin care --after all, we are digesting 70% of what we put on our skin (our largest ORGAN).

There's not just one effort or product responsible for feeling/looking healthy; I've found what works for me most of the time. As the seasons change or my schedule ramps up or cools down, I will change out certain foods or skin care products. For this past year, this is my skin care base. I'm truly happy with the products at From The Lab.

What I Like Most:
+Bevy of plant-based, botanical ingredients -willow bark, grape extract, mugwort
   Tomato essence stem cells
   Sea algae
   Salicylic acid

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Notes From Set: Chanel, Makeup Forever, Smashbox

Notes From Set/Product Review
Project: LA Yoga Editorial 
Photographer: David Young-Wolff
Cast: Celesta Hodge, Kara Davis, Brian Thomas

Featuring: Chanel, Makeup Forever, Smashbox

My life is built around honoring beauty; not just the faces I makeup, but the world which encircles me, including Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness practices. When David called me to be part of the LA Yoga Fall Fashion shoot, I of course jumped at the opportunity to join the fun which is his attitude toward a work day.

Now, while I personally feel that to wear products as naturally-derived as possible (those made with respect to Nature and Humans) is generally the best way to go on a daily basis, I am also a professional in a demanding world working with different skins, under differing conditions such as lighting, location, temperatures,, so I must pull out what will be the best look for the image to be captured.


Of course models are models because of certain facial or physical features, which may or may not be apparent until...VIOLA the makeup artist comes in to pull-out what will make the shot impressionable and pertinent to the job. In order to accomplish this, I must have the proper tools.

On this job, I chose Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. 
Why? Because it looks better than skin. On older complexions which can be dry and a little pale, dull, this puts life back into the face. The coverage is buildable -I've even used only this to lighten under-eye darkness. There's a glow on the skin leaving it smooth and untraceable. Yes, I've even used this on MEN! For Celesta and Kara who have young skin, I knew this was the right foundation to represent the look of Editorial Beauty the editors were seeking. This was the perfect backdrop for the rosy flushed-cheeks (my favorite look) which tie-in with a Yoga workout. The result was Perfection!

On the eyes, I'm a big fan of some shimmer shadows -mostly for their ability to blend well, not so much for a 'disco' effect. So, here again, I wanted something to reflect Editorial Beauty and yet stay true to the subject matter: Yoga. My new favorite go-to is Makeup Forever Iridescent Eyeshadow. 

This product has amazing texture which lasts through body & light heat; when it creases, just a swipe of the blending brush brings it back to life without a mess.
On this job, as with many, I used the shadow as a liner by slightly dampening my liner brush with water and in a small corner of the shadow pot, I picked-up color on each side of the brush. This is a great way to outline before you do something more permanent (like liquid liner or a special cat-eye, etc.). The look is a bit softer than using other liners (gel, pencil, liquid) yet gives just the right amount of emphasis for a day look, and, perfect for our Yoga shoot.

My new favorite obsession is Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

The formula is awesome on it's own -using a Fan Brush or other wand applicator, however the brush included adds a double-wow factor. The color is gorgeous, yes it's BLACK however, as makeup/mascara goes, there are as many shades of black as there are of red. That said, take note: the black is deep enough for emphasis, the finish is just right to give the lashes a sheen without clumping and the formula makes them appear thicker, longer and fuller. I've used this with the fan brush for a more natural look and with the included brush, applying up to three coats to give a more dramatic framing to the eyes. LOVE!!

For those who would prefer the more Natural Approach to makeup, here are some of my favorite makeups -those found in my personal makeup bag:
Josie Maran
Argan Tinted Moisturizer Since her line is organic and cruelty-free  most will love the love you feel when you wear any of her products. There's an spf 30 in this, which tends to give the consistency of a cream foundation, so I personally prefer to use this strictly as a foundation -**not as an spf protector, and use it only in the areas I need correction (and blend-out the rest: beginning in the center of the face, forehead, chin). For myself, I prefer something very light-feeling on my face. The colors here are beautiful; the look is fresh, light, pretty skin. **it can absolutely be used all over the face in order to receive the full benefits of an spf; as always, use according to manufacturer specifications

Real Purity
Creme Foundation Health Glow
Powder Blush
Vitamin E Stick

I discovered this cosmetics line a few years ago and while I feel each line has great products, I tend to make judgement based on the Foundation. This blew my mind! The finish is like fresh-washed skin -there's a glow, a slight sheen with all-day coverage. Most days I don't 'set' with powder -it's more makeup than I want to wear and I like a slightly shiny look to my complexion (rather I use blotting tissues). Again, it contains an spf so the consistency is more cream in texture, I use this only where I need it **and is  
generally a good way to go on a daily basis  unless you have all-over blemishes or scars.

The Powder Blushes are top-notch in color performance, texture and quality. They blend well into the skin, with the colors appearing natural and the pigment content is sufficient for all day wear. 

Vitamin E is not a secret, however this convenient stick is easy to have around for emergency dry-skin repair. Use it over lips, under eyes and around the nose. The finish is not greasy or shiny-looking so I can trust it under bright, hot set lighting.

Also, this line is MADE IN THE USA! Please    check out their line by using the link above.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Notes From Set: John Masters Organics

Notes From Set/Product Review:
Project: Feature Film/ASTHMA written/directed by Jake Hoffman

Cast: Krysten Ritter, Benedict Samuel, Rosanna Arquette 

Featuring: John Master Organics

Working on a feature film is always exciting; creating the look/style of the characters with the director, actor and costumer is only the beginning and can be really fun. The main character we see in every scene, yet don't often reference is the SKIN. There's an eventual high demand on the skin's performance. Every day applying makeups, working long hours, more makeup/touch-ups, climate, air quality, diet,  lack of sleep/proper rest and maybe an emotional scene, all challenge the skin's ability to really be at its best. 

There are many factors going into the look of a character, and since we had the talented Krysten Ritter with her gorgeous, flawless(!) porcelain-like skin, I knew straight away I wanted to use John Masters Organics. For my own values: I admire the respect given to the users of the earth and the earth itself, by their commitment to using wild-crafted plant-based ingredients; utilising natural cold-pressing and other artisanal methods to extract and preserve the vital elements of each plant. And from the perspective of a professional Makeup Artist, JMO products consistently deliver on the quality of ingredients and effectiveness on the skin and hair.

To be Krysten's character in the story, whose arms and legs were covered in specially designed tattoos, required we put her through a skin cleaning regimen which is no good even for one day, let alone the numerous days we had to get her camera-ready. Her legs and arms needed to be free of natural oils, soap, perfume, moisturiser, et. al., before placing each tattoo. This meant, every day we used 99% alcohol to cleanse her delicate skin (only the areas to be covered with a tattoo) in order that the tattoos could perform their best for the day. This left her skin super parched, needless to say, and with the cold weather and dry heat her skin needed the love from JMO. She loved the cacao & cupuacu hand/body lotion:
The consistency coming out of the tube is a bit dense yet quite easily melts into the skin leaving it supple without slip or gloss --just a pretty sheen. 

Our male star, Aussie favorite Benedict Samuel didn't have it so difficult makeup-wise however, the climate, temperature, emotional scenes and long hours would take a toll on his skin (and everyone's) so he really enjoyed the benefits of JMO 2 in 1 men's line eucalyptus & agave face wash + shave foam, also the moisturiser + aftershave

Beginning of the day I used only mandarin maximum moisture on his skin (his look required no makeup!). Again, as a makeup artist I love this product as it leaves no excessive shine to the skin --only a beautiful backdrop to healthy skin.
I have used a drop of this with my favorite foundation to give myself and my actors a glowing-sheer-coverage. It works in real life and on reel life! The camera loves the skin in mandarin maximum moisture:
During the day under the sun, he liked the JMO spf 30 natural mineral sunscreen --this also helped maintain continuity (can't be pale in one scene and tan in the next!):

Hair styling was also minimal on this project however, in order to keep Benedict's character's hair looking the same throughout the film, I relied on JMO 
What I loved about this, the scent first is what we notice and it's delicious and very mild (which men especially appreciate!), combined with the lightness in texture --a little goes a long way here, it adds a subtle sheen to the hair while giving it an effortless hold with move ability. There's just enough moisture in this clear-cream to give his natural curls a boost, allowing definition without weight or too much separation. The look is very natural. That being said, I've used it in other men's hair grooming as a nice finish for a pompadour or by using a bit more product, for that sexy shiny Mad Men look. (So happy men's hair is returning to being STYLED --More Please!)

On myself, for many months now, I use JMO rose foaming face wash (I just adore the idea that Roses are meant to attract Love and who doesn't want more of both in their lives!):
Why it's my go-to is because it's easy on my skin, leaving it clean, smooth and soft --results I feel after I pat-damp-dry my skin. Then I like the mandarin maximum moisture --really because I'm 44 and want to keep as much moisture and plumpness to my ski n as possible! This does the trick in the cool dry winters (I'm in LA, winters are Cool, not Cold!). During the warmer months I use JMO rose & apricot antioxidant day creme:
and often in the Summer weather, I just spritz JMO rose & aloe hydrating toning mist (I have oiler skin and like the natural shine I have so this can take the place of a topical moisturiser which can end up being too much moisture for the skin and can appear very glassy):

It was a pleasure to use John Masters Organics on the set of our feature film. They generously donated the products listed here and a few more --including their hair care line of shampoos and conditioners: LOVE Them! Please visit their website:
and treat yourself to something scrumptious. Not only is it literally feeding your skin the best natural foods, the quality active ingredients actually treat your skin!
Enjoy.. .

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

summer skin: oil control & exfoliate

keep excess oil under control by adding a drop of highest quality
100% pure TEA TREE OIL to your daily toner. this fresh-smelling
essential oil maintains skin’s balance by being an
astringent & antibacterial which keep oil dirt & the elements at bay.

exfoliate and polish your summer skin with RICE BRAN POWDER.
this passed-on Japanese treatment is known to be a gentle exfoliant.
while it moisturises, it also heals blemishes quickly by absorbing excess
oil & dirt as it maintains the natural oils in the skin.