Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Give Yourself A Rosey Glow!

give yourself a ROSEY GLOW while exfoliating your skin with a STRAWBERRY YOGURT FACIAL MASK.
strawberries, containing the highest amount of VITAMIN C combined with VITAMIN B -rich yogurt
make this a MAGICAL MASK: it brightens, tightens & promotes production of collagen protien.
the BEST PART is the ingredients are right in your kitchen!

mash 4 strwaberries into a bowl
stir in 1 teaspoon yogurt
apply the mixture to face for 15 minutes
rinse clean with cool water


Tonegent said...

Sweet! My bloggin' sista! You're gonna get hooked on it, Pants :)

Lemme know of any tips I can give you with HTML or pimping out your blog in general.


~ the bride society said...

this is nice-rock on!
your bud, milian